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Excel Printable Calendar Templates and Timesheets

Do you need a low-cost and user-friendly tool for self-organization? Or maybe, you have a small/mid-sized business and you want to track worked hours of your employees so that you will be able to calculate salaries.

Browse our calendar templates & timesheets collection to find a self-organizer tool which fits your needs. Most popular ones, Automatic Schedule Planner, Dynamic Event Calendar and Employee Time Tracker will extremely ease your work!

Someka’s Calendars & Timesheets are compatible with MS Excel. They work both on Windows and Mac.

  • Content Calendar Template


    Actively plan and manage your editorial content calendar in Excel! With this template be on top of your plan without worrying about deadlines.

  • ROTA Template


    Excel Rota Template helps you to track rotation and shifts of employees, calculate total working hours, and schedule employee workdays.

  • Team To Do List Template


    Team To Do List Template defines monthly achievements of your team and keeps tasks organized. Free download and ready-to-use in Excel!

  • To Do List Template


    To Do List Template on a daily, weekly, monthly basis! Save your time and keep track of your tasks in a ready to use, visual Excel Template!

  • Monthly Employee Timesheet


    Employee Timesheet Excel Template for tracking rates and hours worked. Includes full calendar for the year you want!

  • Dynamic Event Calendar


    Interactive Event Calendar Template in Excel. Easily follow your events, organizations, meetings or todo lists. Print ready and easy to use.

  • Employee Attendance Tracker and Payroll Template


    Excel template for payroll and employee attendance tracking. Useful spreadsheet for business owners and HR departments. Works for both Windows/Mac.

  • Dynamic Calendar Excel Template


    Fully dynamic Excel Calendar Template. Nicely designed, easy-to-use and monthly blank calendar spreadsheet. Ready to use from 2022 to 2030.

  • Automatic Schedule Generator Excel Template


    Excel Automatic Schedule Generator lets you enter your to-dos in a list format and have them automatically converted to the calendar view.