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3 Things to Start Doing From Day One for Your Online Business

There are some times in life, when you look at yourself in the mirror and think: “Why?”.

The question is WHY? Why didn’t I think of this earlier? Why didn’t anybody warn me about this? Why didn’t I do my research? With the question WHY, comes a regret full of look at yourself and then… Rage. Becoming angry with yourself. But is it really necessary?

All it takes…

To stop the regret, all it takes for you to keep the track. When you are starting a company, a business, maybe a startup idea that probably will grow, all you got to do is follow a very lightened, easy path that will stop you from being regretful. Just so you don’t feel alone, we collected the information for you. But let’s take it from the beginning.


What is a Startup Company? And how can I start it up?

In the most general sense, it is the name given to companies that set out to find a solution to any problem and for which a successful result is not guaranteed. One-year companies can be considered as start-ups or five-year companies can be considered in the same category. Still, it is difficult for a ten-year-old company to be accepted as a start-up. Because, over the ten-year period, the company must have achieved a certain level of progress and growth. Start-up focuses on finding solutions to problems that have not yet been solved.

Every successful start-up project goes through certain stages. The first of these stages is to see the shortcomings around you. The first stage of any successful start-up project is to recognize the missing things in the world. You should continue by writing down the thoughts you find on a piece of paper. No matter how smart you are, you can get confused and have a hard time remembering what you think. Make a prototype. Even if you put it on paper, you can forget your thoughts. Check it out and don’t be afraid to try again. Entrepreneurs may be successful on the first try, but this may not be the case for you. Be prepared to do everything from scratch.

But before all these, you have these 3 simple steps you have to follow, so that all those things you do to start it up, won’t go to waste.

1) Setup Google Analytics, Conversion, Goals, Events and Remarketing Pixels

When you start something that you think will get bigger, you will also need data in your hands to see how far you’ve become. For example you started a startup company and you have a website. You have to see who visited, how long they stayed, how did they find your website, who is your target group. These datas will help you to focus to make your site bigger and better.

But as we said, these are the things you have to collect from the beginning. You can’t wake up one day and say: “Huh, I should see how many clicks I got and from whom?” Unless you collect the data from the beginning, it could take months to collect them again. And that would take you not one but maybe five steps back.

This is what we call, data analysis. And it’s saving lifes.

The process of analyzing, clearing, transforming, and modeling data to find useful information, draw conclusions and support decision making is called Data Analysis. Data analysis in statistics is generally divided into descriptive statistics, descriptive data analysis (EDA), and confirmatory data analysis (CDA). Data cleansing is the process of correcting outliers and other incorrect and unwanted information. It is a core component of data mining and Business Intelligence (BI) and plays a key role in gaining insight that drives business decisions. Organizations analyze data from multiple sources using big data management solutions and customer experience management solutions that use data analysis to turn data into actionable insights.

There are five steps to do a right data analysis.

Deciding on goals: To develop a measurable way to determine whether the business is moving towards its goals, goals of data science teams should be set, metrics or performance indicators should be defined early.

Data collection: As much data as possible from a variety of sources should be collected to build better models and gain more actionable information.

Data cleansing: Data quality should be improved and the process should be automated to produce accurate results and avoid false conclusions, but employees need to control and ensure data cleanliness.

Raising a data science team: When setting up the science team, infrastructure engineers, software developers, ETL experts, and experts with advanced statistical knowledge concepts should be involved in data modeling and forecasting. The large-scale data analysis platforms needed to automate data collection and analysis should then be given to the established team.

Optimization and Repetition: Perfection can be achieved by repeating processes to create accurate predictions, achieve targets, and monitor and report consistently.

With data analysis, useful information should be discovered, useless ones should be cleaned and it should be decided what to do and what not to do in the next process. This is a transformation process. Data analysis should be done in all business lines. However, of course, the analysis of each sector will not be equal. Different organizations serving in different sectors should perform their analysis using different techniques and using different approaches. This is necessary for a giant brand as well as an important process even for a small blog running on the internet.

The data collected by each sector will be different from each other. For example, a store evaluates the number of people who enter, while a blog owner looks at the number of times they read the content they post. Interviews with customers, comments made by users on social media, how many people watched or downloaded the published images or videos are examples of the data collection process. These data must be brought into the appropriate format for analysis. Excel is one of the most frequently used programs for this purpose in business life.

Also “Google Analytics”, made by the Google research team, where the statistical data of the Web pages developed by Google are processed, is a useful and well-interpreted analysis tool offered by Google free of charge. If it is used with the Search Console developed by Google like this tool, it will be more accurate. The analyzes should be interpreted correctly and the work to be done on the site should be in line with our expectations. If it is used with AdWords for advertising purposes, faster efficiency is obtained. Correct work done with Google Analytics data will make the site more efficient, as well as obtain data suitable for studies that can increase ranking and recycling rate. It is an easy-to-use analysis tool that provides us with statistical interpretation of where our website visitors come from, where they visit your website, if you are doing e-commerce, whether they have purchased your product or not. It would be a smart option to use social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) remarketing pixels as well.

The point is, guarentee yourself and your data from the beginning.

2) Start Collecting Emails and Setup Email Automation

We live in such a digitalized and developed world that everything is now for people. Everything is done to make our work easier. One of these beauties is that there is a “set and forget” style approach in this world. You just install it and the digital interface does it for you. The lesson here is that you have to set this up at the very beginning. Once installed, these interfaces are like little workers working for you. They work tirelessly for you all day, every day. They don’t tire you and you don’t need to do anything. The biggest example of this is the mail world.

It is important to know that more than 7 of 10 users in the US prefer brands to communicate with them via email, so it makes sense for companies to invest more resources in building better email campaigns.

No wonder that 74% of marketers use e-mail beforehand and 21% plan to start e-mail within the next 12 months. Today, businesses can reach thousands of people for very little money without paying too much. One of the benefits of email marketing compared to traditional advertising methods such as direct mail campaigns, broadcast media, and others is its cost effectiveness. You do not have to pay any advertising fees or additional fees for print or media space. Customers tend to act on impulse when they receive an email informing them about a related product. You can incorporate the emotions of your subscribers and transform their fears by using short selling and other sales boosting techniques such as fast selling, free shipping, or countdown timers. They are especially effective during holidays like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Halloween, Christmas, and others.

One of the most effective benefits of email marketing is your ability to measure a set of metrics, compare and test your emails without limit until you reach the result you strive for. Depending on the email service provider, you can either rely on their data for deeper insight or supplement it with third-party tools like Google Analytics. In email marketing, generally no investment is required to get started. This is especially important for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Also, e-mail allows you to reach people in any country without restricting yourself to a local community or one language. As your mailing list grows, you begin to profit from completed purchases or orders; In this case you can invest back in email marketing. Another advantage of email marketing is that you can use it to increase the effectiveness of other marketing channels and platforms – for example, by providing links in your emails, you can bring more visitors to your website. For example, you can create summaries that include summaries of articles and links that call subscribers to read more on your website. In this way, you can increase the number of website visitors by promoting your products simultaneously by e-mail.

One of the many advantages of using email marketing, automation not only saves resources and time, but also guarantees more clicks and opens. Personalization is no longer just an option, but a must-have for email marketing campaigns, and it is actually one of the strongest benefits of email marketing compared to other marketing channels. Most email service providers list their mailing lists by key parameters such as gender, country or language, as well as user engagement, purchase amount etc. It allows you to partition with other data such as.

Email marketing is attractive when it comes to the benefits of personalization: companies deliver better customer experience, increase customer loyalty, and increase return on investment.

People have much more control over the way they consume their email compared to other communication channels like social media. Whether it is a smartphone, webmail or desktop, they decide which e-mails you want to read when and where and also how to read them.

On social media, there is no way to control which messages are shown to which users, and it is automatic algorithms that make decisions. However, one of the main advantages of email marketing is that you always choose the content your subscribers will receive, regardless of whether you set up automatic campaigns or send them manually.

The point is… SET AND FORGET.

3) Keep a Change-Log

So you have a company. It became popular and you start getting bigger. You see there is a high selling data in last November. You see that your income has raised that month, but you don’t know why. Last week, you doubled up your income suddenly, but you don’t know why.

Why don’t you know why?

Because you don’t have the data in your hands. You don’t know why did the sells increase, you don’t know which product became popular. To avoid this situation, keeping a change log is the saver. And you don’t even have to do this daily. But doing it maybe weekly or monthly and also making this a habit, will change a lot of things for you.

If we briefly mention the log, when we make a one-to-one translation, “log” means log and logbook. For the informatics world, log means recording every activity performed by the computer. In other words, it allows you to control all the transactions you perform, to detect critical situations and unidentified actions. The log record is constantly kept, so that the system administrator can access every action that takes place and can take the necessary measures when he feels a possible cyber attack.

Log service is a software service that enables you to control and secure all transactions of your company, personal or corporate website. The most active use of this service for the success of your business will result in your favor, and you will be able to run your business easily without encountering the dark side and problems of the internet.

Log is also used for the security of the network and modem that you provide internet service. The security of the modem from which you get internet service is very important for everyone doing business in this channel. A transaction performed over an unidentified network and your IP address can lead to business in the long run. You can also control the actions performed over the IP address you have, thanks to the log. This protects you from all negativity and possible cybercrime threats.

You can think of logging as the tires of a vehicle. Keeping a detailed log for security in information systems is directly proportional to the effect of a vehicle in the process from the first movement to its comfort and braking. With the emergence of the risk of accidents for vehicles that are not selected correctly, the safety of a system that does not keep logs has a similar meaning.

Logging is an important issue that requires resources, time and budget as in other security operations. In order to get the right efficiency from logs, you need to do the log correlation correctly.

In order to establish a correct log management system in your organization, you first need to master your infrastructure and determine your needs. Afterwards, it is necessary to determine the scopes, determine the log sources and reveal the details and contents of the logs to be obtained from the sources. Then, by creating advanced correlation rules, you can set up simulation systems against cyber attacks and design real-time security management panels.


To sum it up; set up data analysis, collect emails and keep the track of your change. Start from the beginning, make it a habit. Just like breathing or blinking, make this your daily routine. Think of it as your company is your baby and it needs your care.

This is how you become succesful. This is how you guarantee your hard-work, your labor and your effort. This 2 steps could make your life easier. You just have to know what it takes.