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Premier League Excel Template

4.53 (15 reviews)

Premier League Tables, Fixtures and Scores for the 2020/2021 season. Just put the scores. Ready to be used as a sweepstakes template.



Now it is that time of the year… This year it is going to be the 23rd season of the Premier League which is the top English professional football league. This Premier League template helps you to track each match scores and all the fixtures completely during the hurried season. There are also additional sections for those who follow each information of the Premier League such as detailed information of all the teams and roll of honors.


Premier League Excel Template Features:

Premier League Fixtures Template is a tool to track the details of the match, the details of the team and the roll of honour from 1992 to 2019!

The template consists of 5 different parts:

Dashboard: gives you access to other tabs.

Fixture: contains the match details like who are playing and when are playing. You can input the score details to the gray cells right next to the teams name.

You can click the buttons on the top of the page to go to the relevant match day and black arrows will bring you back.


Tables: Once you input the score details on the tab “Fixture” the table will automatically rank the teams according to the Premier League Standards.

If two teams points are same they are going to be ranked according to their average. If their average points are same as well, their goal score will be the factor to determine the champion.


Team Info: gives you information about the stadium and the club itself. You may also find the statistics of cup and league the victories of each team.

To see the info of different teams click on the team and change it from the drop-down button.

Roll of Honour: gives you the bests and mosts of the previous years. Premier League Template indicates the Champion, Most Assists, Player and Manager of the season for each year.


Features Summary:

  • Excel Template to track English Premier League Schedule
  • Premier League Fixtures, Team Info, Tables
  • Roll of Honour 1992-2019
  • Full Print Ready
  • Informational notes included
  • No installation needed. Ready to use.
  • Works both on Mac and Windows
  • Compatible with Excel 2007 and later versions
  • Does not include any VBA macros

**This Premier League Excel Template compiles the information which is officially available at: You can check all the soccer news, fixtures, scores & results there. Someka is not associated with The Football Association Premier League Limited.

This Premier League Excel Template is ready-to-use. If you need customization on your reports or need more complex templates, please refer to our custom services.


Watch the video below to see the template in action! Presentantation also includes usage notes, explanations and tips & tricks about the template.



15 reviews for Premier League Excel Template

  1. Ademilokun Boluwatife Ifeoluwa

    A very good piece, however, I suggest you make it more fun for punters by putting more functionality like markets played in a match, e.g let’s say arsenal plays 2-2 with Chelsea… I suggest you create a table that shows that the hand-produced over1.5, over2.5 and so on.

    Thank you, well done for the good work I must say!

    • Someka

      Hi Ademilokun,

      Thanks a lot for the time you spare to write your comments! Good idea! We will consider it for future updates.

  2. Domingos António Mendes Marques

    Adorei a vossa tabela, mas como posso fazer para modificar para o campeonato português e poder alterar todos os anos?

    • Someka

      Hi Domingos,

      Thanks for your feedback!
      Unfortunately, we are just giving supports in English.
      Once you download the modifiable version of the template, you can totally edit it according to your needs. Later, you can use it for the Portuguese championship as well when you did the necessary arrangements in data.

      If you have further questions please do not hesitate to contact us anytime.

  3. Steve Lambert

    All your Templates are great I would recommend them to anyone.
    I love your Football one’s a specially, Great.

  4. Lars

    Just one question, can you change the team names? (for example for next season in regards to (relegation/promotion)

    • Someka

      Hi Lars,
      Thanks a lot for your feedback!
      Yes, after you unlock the template you can edit it as you wish. To learn how to unlock it please have a look: Unlock Sheets. Additionally, you need to change team names manually in the fixture sheet. If you have further questions please get contact us!

  5. Sayyan Mijeen

    Good, it use to easy.

  6. TLiW

    Thank you for sharing. Could I change time to fit my time zone?

    • Someka

      Hello there!

      We generally protect our templates to prevent any data corruption on your end and in Premier League Template, we locked important information like date/time that might be corrupted accidentally. But if you would like to have modification rights of the template to change it according to your own personal needs, you can check our Modifiable Version (just click blue button below the Free Download!).

  7. zacharias

    very good work than you very much for that you give this file free

  8. Stephen Lambert

    This is Fantastic, Just what I have been looking for.
    So easy to use, I love it.
    Its great for a free be, Thanks.

  9. Quân Phạm

    my table have: bournemouth vs southampton 2-1 (1st leg) | 1-2 (2nd leg), bournemouth and southampton have: 17 | 9 | 12 | 59 | 48 | 60 (W | D | L | GF | GA | Pts). Why bournemouth rank 9 and southampton rank 10 ???

    • Someka

      Hello Quân!

      Thank you for your feedback! Appreciated!
      Our developers has already checked the file and it seems normal on our end. In order to look into in detail, we have contacted you and would like to learn more about your specific situation. Looking forward to hearing from you to make things right.

  10. Alec Tough

    I love it. do have the same format also for the scottish premier 2019/20?

    • Someka

      Hello Alec!

      Unfortunately, we do not have scottish version of Premier League Template. But thanks for your feedback, we’ll be looking into in detail about it 🙂

  11. Alfredo C.

    Great !!! You will never walk alone. Go Liverpool FC

  12. Howard

    This looks superb. Fantastic product.

    • Someka

      Thank you Howard!

  13. Charlie

    its not free – got to buy modifiable version for password

    • Someka

      Hello Charlie. Thank you for taking time to leave a review for our template.
      Actually, the template is totally free to download and use. There are no limits or restrictions for the basic usage.
      But if you want to make modifications to the template (to customize it for your specific needs, change the colors, replace the logos etc.) then you need to purchase the modifiable version.
      We have put enormous effort in this template and we hope you will appreciate it as you use.
      Thanks again.

  14. Mike S.

    I appreciate it being free as well as Mike B did! Thank you!

  15. Mike B.

    I was expecting that. Thanks for being free

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