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Excel Geographic Heat Map Generators & Spreadsheets

Do you have a set of data regarding a country, city or continent and you want to visualize it in Excel heat map? Using geographical heat map is a very viable data visualization tool since it would be harder to understand the data set if it is presented numerically in a spreadsheet.

Browse Someka’s geographical heat map generator collection which has one of the largest range on web! Within the collection, you will find from USA geographic heat map to World Countries heat map and so on.

Trust us, one of our heat maps will extremely ease your life!

  • Latin America Heat Map Generator


    Excel Template to create Latin America Heat Map. Just put your data and a printable geographic density map will be created automatically with VBA.

  • World Countries Heat Map Generator


    World Heat Map Excel Template will visualize your data on the global map. Put your data and heat map will be created and painted automatically.

  • Europe Geographic Heat Map Generator


    Europe Heat Map Excel Template for Europe countries. Just put your data, set your colors and create Heat Map of Europe in seconds!

  • Canada Geographic Heat Map Generator


    This Canada Heat Map Excel Template automatically generates colored states according to your data. Just put your values and it will create the heat map.

  • US Geographic Heat Map Generator


    Easy to use Heat Map Excel Template for US states. Just put your data and your printable Geographic Heat Map will be generated automatically.