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Someka Excel Templates and Spreadsheets

Someka provides Ready-to-use Excel Templates in order to boost your productivity and efficiency. It will be enough to type your own data inside the data tables and template will automatically process and prepare what you want to receive. With these templates, you can manage your financial budget, create an invoice or your company org chart automatically, prepare a feasibility study model or a financial plan in a hassle-free way.

Just take a look at product videos in order to have more idea about the quality and utility of Someka Excel templates.

  • Client Task Management Template


    Client Task Management Excel Template will allow you to track upcoming task deadlines such as book-keeping, accounts, tax filing & payroll requirements.

  • Grocery Store Financial Model


    This Grocery Store Financial Model in Excel will allow you to produce financial forecasts using alternative scenarios, and assessing financial risks.

  • Retail Business Financial Model


    Retail Business Financial Model will assist you in making financial forecasts, comparing different scenarios, assessing financial risks in Excel.

  • Value-Complexity Matrix Template


    Value-Complexity Excel Template will allow you to figure out potential value of a product and decide which work is not worth the effort or easy win.

  • US Zip Code Heat Map Generators


    US Zip Code Heat Map Generators convert your data into visual geographical heat map by zip code. Editable Shapes. Works on Mac and Windows.

  • Automatic Flowchart Maker


    Flowchart Maker is an Excel solution to create flowchart with one click. No need to drag and drop. Just put your Excel data and click CREATE button!

  • Stock and Inventory Tracker


    Plan, track, and manage your incoming and outgoing stocks in Excel. The charts contain much more information to check inventory situation.

  • BCG Matrix Template


    BCG Matrix Excel Template demonstrates the strengths of the product portfolio by using market growth rate and relative market share analysis.

  • Healthcare KPI Dashboard


    Healthcare KPI Dashboard is a performance tracking tool in Excel. It will measure your hospital performance and provide most used metrics of industry.

  • Wholesale Price Calculator


    Wholesale Price Calculator will help you to measure your profitability before submitting pricing quotes. Analyze each item and set prices in Excel.

  • Research and Development KPI Dashboard


    Research and Development KPI Dashboard Template measures the efficiency of your R&D department. With 26 performance metrics, all in Excel.

  • Decision Matrix Template


    Decision Matrix Excel Template helps you list down all complex decisions of your business and analyze them by giving coefficients and rates.

  • Eisenhower Matrix Template


    Eisenhower Matrix Template will allow you to organize your to-do's in Excel and sort them according to their urgency and importance level.

  • Recruitment Tracker Excel Template


    Recruitment Tracker Excel Template will make recruitment process easier while keeping records and analyzing important data.

  • Gym Business Financial Model


    Gym Business Financial Model provides all financial information for opening gym or fitness studio. Excel template for a professional financial feasibility study!

  • Order Planning and Invoicing Template


    Order Planning and Invoicing Template is a solution for a well-functioning inventory management. Create sales orders, invoices and release delivery orders!

  • Contractor Invoice Template


    Record your customers, materials and labour in database. Create your invoice faster in printable, free Contractor Invoice Excel Template.

  • Real Estate KPI Dashboard


    Real Estate KPI Dashboard will give specific metrics of acquisition and property management. Quantifiable measures, Past and Current Year Comparison in Excel!