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Automatic Organization Chart Maker – Basic Version

3.89 (9 reviews)

Create Org Charts in Excel easily! Automated spreadsheet template for business people who don’t want to waste time on creating org charts.


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For all types and scales of organizations, it is indispensable to illustrate the reporting lines. Especially, at growing small and medium scale organizations having max. 40 employees, keeping organizational schemes up to date may become a puzzling situation. Because, in case of each organizational change, you have to deal with boxes, connections, levels and so on. We have built this Excel Organization Chart Maker to ease this process.

Automatic Organizational Chart Maker – Basic Version provides generating an organizational chart for small organizations in JUST 2 STEPS:

  1. Put employees, their roles and who reports to whom in Excel
  2. Click the button!

It basically works like this:

Let’s look closer to the sections:


In Dashboard you will simply fill the blank fields with your org structure. Once you type in the names, you will be able to select “Reports to” people from the drop-down.

Please note that there should be one empty cell at “Reports to” column that will be the head of organization. Because in relational database, the template is designed to display one-to-many relationships in the Organizational Chart.

The another point you need to be careful, if there are more than one person with the same name, put a little sign like dots, commas etc. You cannot use duplicate names.

Thankfully, if there is a problem with your Org Structure table, message will appear in the Message Box. So you will be able to figure out the problem and create your chart after fixing the issue.

The last section of Dashboard is the Org Box Format. You can put the format (colors, lines) you would like to see here, so whatever you apply there, will be transferred to the family tree automatically.

Org Chart

After apply all procedures above, you can create your org chart and Export to PDF with from the button on the page.

Need to increase the box size? You can arrange the width or height of the cells to increase their size. After you unprotect your sheet (How can I unlock the sheets? What is the password?) and make the headings visible (I can’t see column headings. How to display them?) you can easily adjust the column and the row structure of the Chart!

Hope this helps!


1. You Save Money
Someka Auto Org Chart Generator is a cheaper option compared to the other organization chart generator tools.

2. You Save Time
This tool provides you to keep your reporting line data and prepare your organization chart, both in Excel. No need to deal with data transfer..

3. It’s User Friendly
If you don’t like the order and layout, just edit your employee table and re-create the chart again. You can also change the box colors. Moreover, Someka Auto Org Chart Generator warns you about possible errors like illogical reporting lines.

Automatic Organization Chart Maker – Basic Version Features:

  • Recommended for small organizations which have 30 – 40 employees max (For larger organizations, please check: Someka Auto Org Chart – Advanced Version)
  • Organizational Chart Template in Excel
  • Clear on sheet instructions (with turn on/off function)
  • Works on both Windows and Mac
  • Compatible with Excel 2007 and later versions.
  • No installation needed. Ready to use.
  • Includes VBA code and macros (don’t forget to enable macros after you get it)
  • Easy to use and nice design
  • Box design can be changeable
  • Export to PDF feature
  • Print Ready

This excel template is prepared with VBA macros. Don’t forget to enable macros after you get it. If you need customization on your charts or in need of more complex schemes, just contact us via

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9 reviews for Automatic Organization Chart Maker – Basic Version

  1. Natalie Tolson

    I am using the template but just have some questions. When you export the chart it is not printable on A3. Tried setting the print area, and set the page up correctly. Also tried to print directly from the excel. We have a large organization. How do I print this?

    • Someka

      Hi Natalie,
      All the arrangements about printing can be done by Excel printing options, on the Letter section. So you can choose the A3 option from there.
      If you have a large organization and want to print all of them, the chart that you will be able to print is limited with the Excel printing options. So, when the size of the organization chart is too big, it won’t be printed on just one page.

      Hope that helps!
      Kindly regards,

  2. Harpreet Dhillon

    I just purchased the chart builder. I am not happy with Export options as it only gives Pdf as option.Pdf only option is very limited for what we would like to accomplish. Am trying to cancel this subscription unless other (e.g., jpeg, png, docx) useful options are available.

    • Someka

      Dear Harpreet,

      First of all, thank you for taking your time to leave this review. All ideas are welcomed on our side! We create all of our templates to be used in Microsoft Excel so the compatibility of the template is limited with the Excel features. Because of this, it is not possible to convert the file format to jpeg, png or docx but our developer team has contacted you via e-mail regarding a quick solution for your issue so please check your mailbox.

      Hope this helps!

  3. robert cohen32

    very good customer support. haven’t tried premium version yet but it looks great , thank you very much. For those who want to try this: I very satisfied customer with even basic one.

  4. mark sandhu

    Easy-to-use org charting tool. Satisfied Customer.

  5. Paul Lund

    While this might have been a good solution at one time, it’s not any more. Very slow, very cumbersome after 2500 employee

  6. Jose


    I purchased the Org Chart Generator Excel template which I thought I’d love.

    I like that all you need to do is enter names and who they report to and voila.

    What I don’t like is that when I export to pdf, there’s no way to make boxes bigger to make it easier to ready.
    Am I missing something? Is there a way to change the size to make this a lot easier to read. My org chart is only about 20 people.


    • Someka

      Hello Jose,
      Thanks for your purchase. The sizes of boxes are adjusted automatically to fit the page. What you can do is increase the font of your Org Box at Dashboard. Like this:
      Org Chart Box Format
      Hope this helps!

  7. Duygu Bencikli

    Hey this is fantastic! I am really content of getting rid of changing organization schemes all the time!!!

  8. Leira Gonzalez

    We purchased it !!
    One question: My org file is very broad (the GM has over 20 direct reports) How can i move the boxes vertically so it’s easier to read?
    Thanks for your feedback and patience!

    • Someka

      Thanks for feedback Leira!
      Automatic Org Chart Basic Version spreadsheet places the same depth level connections horizontally, not vertically.

      For vertical structure, you can check out Automatic Org Chart Advanced and Automatic Org Chart Premium versions. You will find 4 different sub-layout options!

  9. Emily Lyons

    Simple solution! I received the password many thanks but can not unprotect worksheets and books??

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